✓the latest ✗the last

the latest
the last
The latest technology is not always good for anything except to the producers of the technology.
L’ultima tecnologia non è sempre un bene per qualcosa tranne per i produttori della tecnologia.
– Wendell Berry
✓ Have
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✓foreign ✗strange

✓ foreign
✗ strange
England and the English as a rule, they will refuse even to sample a foreign dish, they regard such things as garlic and olive oil with disgust, life is unliveable to them unless they have tea
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quite: ✓quite✗enough

✓ quite
✗ enough
A lie told often enough becomes the truth.
Una bugia ripetuta abbastanza spesso diventa verità.
– Vladimir Lenin
✓ He’s quite tall.
✗ He’s *enough* tall.
E’ abbastanza alto.
We use quite to say that something
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✓think: he thinks (that) he’s clever ✗he thinks to be clever

think: he thinks (that) he’s clever

he thinks to be clever
Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.
L’uomo non è ciò che pensa di essere, e ciò che nasconde.
– Andre Malraux
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✓by car, in the/my car ✗in car, on the/my car

by car, in the/my car
in car, on the/my car
What Paris has done right is to make it awful to get around by car and awfully easy to get around by public transportation or by bike.
Quello che Parigi
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