born: ✓ I was born ✗ I am born, I borned, I born

✓ born: I was born
✗I am born, I borned, I born 

Nasciamo tutti ignoranti, ma bisogna lavorare sodo per rimanere stupido.
– Benjamin Franklin

 ✓ I was born in nineteen seventy.

✗ I *am born* in nineteen seventy.

Sono nato nel 1970.

Born is not a verb.
To speak or ask about specific people, we use be in the past (was/were born):

✓ Do you think I was born yesterday? 
✗ Do you think I *am born* yesterday?
Credi che io sia nata ieri?

 Some more examples:
✓ Where were you born?
✗ Where *are* you born?
Dove sei nata?
✓ My dad was born during the war.
✗ My dad *is born* during the war.
Mio papà è nato durante la Guerra.

We can use be in the present (is/are born) when we speak in general:
Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.
(Alcuni nascono potenti, altri raggiungono il potere, e ad alcuni il potere viene imposto)
– William Shakespeare

✓ Some people are just born lucky.
Alcune persone nascono fortunate e basta.
We can use be in the future in this construction too:
✓ On current projections, the eight billionth person on the planet will be born by 2035.
Secondo le previsioni attuali, l’ottomiliardesima persona sul pianeta nascerà entro il 2035.


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