✓the latest ✗the last

the latest
the last
The latest technology is not always good for anything except to the producers of the technology.
L’ultima tecnologia non è sempre un bene per qualcosa tranne per i produttori della tecnologia.
– Wendell Berry
✓ Have you heard the latest news?
✗ Have you heard the *last* news?
Hai sentito le ultime notizie?
Latest means most recent or current. Last means final or previous. Some more examples:
✓ He’s obsessed with technology – he always has to have the latest (= the most recent and so the best)
✗ He’s obsessed with technology – he always has to have the *last* smartphone.
E’ ossessionato della tecnologia – deve sempre avere l’ultimo smartphone.
✓ Have you met Anne’s latest boyfriend? I hope he’s better than the last one she had! (latest = the most recent and the one she has now; last = previous, the one before this one)
✗ Have you met Anne’s *last* boyfriend?
Hai conosciuto l’ultimo fidanzato di Anne? Spero che sia meglio dell’ultimo che ha avuto!


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